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A Psalm from a Temple Caretaker

There is a rest that you cannot find in sleep

And a labor that you cannot find in work

There is a love that is beyond living

And a life that is above loving

There is a sanctuary that you cannot find in church

And a God that you cannot find in religion

We look to sleep, work, living, loving, church and religion

When we are actually seeking Rest, Labor, Love, Life, Sanctuary and God.

There is a resting that comes from laboring

And a labor to enter into rest

A love that begins with dying

And a life that begins in loving

There is a sanctuary, a secret place of God, of which I seek

Yet there is this temple, me, where the LORD dwells.

Lord indeed Thy thoughts are too great for me. If Thou were to download even 1% of thy infinite wisdom to me, I will rapture in utter fascinated destruction. I remember that I am a mere piece of clay, from the ground. That Thou would bestow Thy presence upon me is something beyond me. Yet in Thy great mercy, Thou has chosen this piece of mud to hold Thy glory. That Thy Holy, Unblemished Presence should lay itself upon this ugly, dirty, muddy clay is liken unto Elijah who laid eye to eye, mouth to mouth, hand to hand unto the dead boyish corpse. No wonder the psalmist David proclaimed that Thou has lifted him up from the miry clay. Thou has lifted me up from being a piece of miry clay into a part of Thy glorious holiness.

What else can a man say ??

Daniel Lim

12 Nov 1998

Lord my heart is not haughty

Nor my eyes lofty

Neither do I concern myself with great matters

Nor with things too profound for me

Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul

Like a weaned child with his mother

Like a weaned child is my soul within me.

Psalm 131:1,2

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