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Country: Australia

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Age: 25 Race: White
Church: Protestant-Christian   Education: Grade School
Marital: Never Married   Smoker? NO   Occupation: Farmer/carpenter
Height: 6ft 2   Hair: Brown   Eyes: Blue
Children living at home: 0    Body Type: Slender
Seeking someone between ages: 18 and 23      Open to dating any race
I am sincere young man who is dedicated to serving God in my life. I am somewhat oldfashioned and enjoy the simple things in life. I am a happy kind of man who enjoys life and loves to help people. I live a selfless kind of life serving my fellow beloved brothers and sisters of the faith. My life is one that is based on God's ways and I try to live my faith in my daily life. I am not your 'run-of-the-mill' Christian but perhaps more assosiated with the early Christian church (1st century) . Therefore I believe, as the early church did, that we ought to be living by all God's instuctions given to those who follow Him. I, along with my wonderful family and close friends, naturally therefor keep the Sabbath, and Holy Days and Christ did and believe that Salvation is not something that we can selfishly 'claim' or never lose, rather it is a gift given by Christ come judgement day. I believe that faith and obedience go hand in hand. I am content in life and would like to share my happiness with gentle-hearted young lady who is also a devoted to following God as I am.

[b]This may take a moment or two to read so best make a cup of tea before you sit down to go through it. But read it to the end for I think you will find it of some encouragement.

AGE: 24 COUNTRY: Australia
DENOMINATION: Non Denominational, Bible based, Conservative Christian HEIGHT: 188cm (6ƈ")
'As for me and my house we will serve the Lord' Joshua 24:15

I am 24 years old and come from a large conservative Christian family. I am dedicated to following God and His ways throughout my life. I seek to be a useful tool for whatever purpose God has in store for me. My goals in life are to live a life pleasing to our Creator, serve my fellow brothers and sisters in the lord and to help others in their search of truth. My life, praise God, is a happy and purposeful one, and I am in search of a gentle-hearted fair-maiden who has a sincere love for God and a dream of being a dedicated mother and happy homemaker to share my happiness with. The most important prequisite is a commitment to serving God and obeying His word without partiality.
I am a very romantic man yet I am also aware that a relationship (marriage) needs to be built on a solid foundation, therefore I am going to give a fairly detailed idea of what I see as important qualities in a potential wife and what I find attractive. I would also liek to hear your thoughts from a ladies perspective. I would not really consider marrying a hardened 'career woman' who is puffed up by her many years of study (not saying all study is a waste of time just when it becomes a pride thing) . I seek to meet a humble young lady who is educated (for want of a smaller word) in being a homemaker, wife, mother, loyal companion etc. I would naturally appreciate it if she can cook (or willing to learn) and especially that she knows and has the desire to make a house a home and keep it tidy. I love the feeling of coming in from a hard days work in the fields or wherever to a home that is neat, clean and tidy. I don't mean looking like a hospital though, I mean homely ('homey' for American readers) , with pretty curtains and dainty tablecloths etc. The home is a man's refuge from the toil and stresses of work. He likes to come in and find everything clean and in order. I know I speak for my self, but I think I speak for many men too. This all works in favor of the wife too for she feels happy when she can present it like this to her husband and it also endears her to him In return I am sure she could expect flowers given and many a kind word spoken. Not just in the first year of marriage either, but indeed for life. Love doesn't need to dwindle with age. It can and indeed should grow stronger and richer the more years that are spent together following God's formula for happiness. Sorry if this is getting a bit too romantic. . . but remember romance is a wonderful and Godly thing if done in the right manner. Ever read the 'Song of Solomon'?
Faith in God, religion, or beliefs is certainly not a 'hobby' to me. Nor is it something one does only once a week. It is the very way of life. One's purpose for living. Faith in action is true faith. I like to weigh what I do against God's guide-book and asking myself 'what would God expect of His servant'? 'Christianity' is the title I have used but sadly Christianity has been given a bad name by those who profess to be Christian yet are not. I desire to be a little light to the world to show that God's ways DO work- if we apply them with the right heart. In regard to belief and what I live by. I try to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. ''Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word. . . '' it is not right to pick and choose what we want to obey. God knows what is best for mankind and has given us the guidelines to live by. . . for our own good. Although we all desire to live forever should that be our only motive? Should we not also think of our Creator? He gave us this chance on earth. What thanks does he receive? I want to thank Him for giving us this opportunity and the kindness He has shown. The best way I can see to show our gratitude to Him is to live our lives as He asked His people to. Christ obeyed His Father's laws with the perfect attitude of heart. He is our example and my desire is to grow to become more Christ like in all aspects of life. Of course all fall short of the glory of God but that doesn't mean we should not even try to do our best. And thankfully we have an advocate with the Father, and we rely on His grace and mercy. With regard to family values I believe each man is the shepherd of his own family. Yet there should also be shepherd/elder overseeing the whole church that is made up of individual families. God has given the guidelines or requirement of an elder. . . . not being given to much wine, being the husband of one wife (married, so he is proven in responsibility) , ruling his own home well having his own children in subjection. There is a lot of responsibility on the head of a church leader for if he leads the congregation astray it is largely on his head. (Though the family unit still remains a nucleus where the father/husband is responsible for his family) . As for me I look forward to being a shepherd of my own family when/if God blesses me with one. If God requires more than this in times to come then I am ready for whatever God asks of me knowing that He will not ask of us more that we are able to do.
I agree with courtship and betrothal, purity till marriage, and that all things be done in the right manner with regard to parental input and approval wherever possible. Now you probably are wanitng me ot write bit more about myself: It is a hard question to answer because I am inside looking out, not looking at me from an objective point of view. . . nevertheless, I will try my best to be impartial: I am a very sincere young man who tries to behave in a gentlemanly manner, following the patriarchs of old. I think deeply about the future, world affairs, trying to help the unbelievers of this world etc but by nature I am a happy man and a smile is never far from my face I enjoy enjoying life but within the rules. I try to be at all time responsible and yet still have fun along the way. I enjoy the outdoors and hard work does not scare me at all. As you know by now I am very romantic at heart and have an eye for beauty. I find long hair on a lady to be very attractive and a gentle voice will catch my attention very quickly. With regard to salvation I believe that we, as gentiles, have been 'saved from automatically being condemned' with the unbelievers through Christ. . . John 3:18. Now the opportunity of salvation has gone to all nations of the world. I believe that it is not for us to say if we are 'saved to eternal life' on not. It is up to Christ. Can a student mark his own work? We can be confident that He will not give us a stone when we ask for bread, but not presumptuous. I leave my future in the hand of my Maker.
Contrary to today's norm, I respect my father very much and am willing to obey and honour him wherever possible and this is regardless of age as I grow older in years to come. I would do anything for my father and he would do anything for me. We are very close and the bond between us is strong. Everyday of my life I am working to help my brothers and sisters and fellow brethren in a community setting just like the early Christian church (as written in the book of Act) did, having all things in common. I do not seek the reward of money, for to see my fellow brethren content is enough reward for me. I am willing and happy to work as part of a team and to help anyone who is in need. With food, clothing, and shelter I am a contented man. All above this is a blessing from God! There is no long-lasting happiness found in pleasing ones self but rather it is found in helping others.
This applies for women too. Women were created by God originally as a helper to their husbands and that should bring them more happiness than all the wealth in the world. They have equal opportunity to eternal life but they have a totally different role to that of the man. A woman's role is to be supportive to her husband, a help meet, loving companion, nurturer of the children, dutiful in keeping the house, sewing, baking bread, planting flowers around the home, . . . a cuddle maker, and a smiling face. . . etc etc . She is what makes the house a home. This is the technical side of it but in reality I would treat my wife as a most delicate flower and closest friend to my heart and would smother her with love, tender kindness, and warm words that would make her heart leap for joy I have a lot of love in my heart and seek to find the right young lady to share it with. I greatly respect Godly ladies who are modest and gentle hearted. Those ladies are above rubies and should be loved as sisters or mothers in the faith. (But I have little time for feministic minded women who act in a arrogant and almost manly manner. . . augh!) . A Godly lady is priceless!!!

THere is so much joy to be found when a man and women submit in the right order. Man to Christ, woman to man etc. A wife should respect her husband and submit herself under his authority as a man to Christ. If a man is a Godly man then what is so scary about supporting him all the way as he tries his best to lead his family in the ways of God. If she has a thought on a subject or she disagrees on something she should feel welcome to discuss it openly but in the right manner remembering the respect that is due. The idea of a woman going out every week to work for a business/stranger or seeking a career of her own does not apeal to me nor do I think it is fair to ask this of any woman. Women should not feel they have to perform up to the same standard as a man, it's a cruel expectation placed on women by the feminst ideology. I want my wife to experience true womanhood and feel fulfilled as a real lady. This womanly fulfilment has been stolen off the modern 'office slave' woman and many are now realising what they have missed out on. . but sadly for many it's too late.
There is no legal reason for divorce under God's laws (accept in the case of immorality -or fornication specifically) . If one marries a divorced woman that has been divorced outside of this exception then he causes her to commit adultery. God hates divorce and so do I. I, for one, do not want to marry a 'second hand woman', and if more people said this perhaps people would be more careful how thye behaved. Divorce really is a plague that is contagious and has swept across the entire western world leaving behind a trail of destruction. Oh so many cold hearts and broken homes. Marriage IS for life! When a man takes a wife he must realise his responsibilities. A man must provide for his wife and family in every way possible. Not only physically but also spiritually. My wife should not expect great wealth or luxuries but she can expect to be provided for and protected very well. There will be no mansion on the hill with crystal chandeliers but there will be a lot of love and romance within the marriage. A stable marriage spiced with a good deal of humour and romance is a special thing indeed (As I have witnessed with my parents marriage of 30 years so far)
A man should be prepared to lay down his life for his family -Christ being the perfect example of selfless love toward His brides, the churches (but bear in mind also that a man is of most help to them when he is alive) . He should also be considering the overall direction of the society his family is living in. Protecting his family should also include protecting them from the spiritual dangers and peer pressures that are so prevalent today. Growing up in a big family I find it very easy to relate to all age groups. I love children and look forward to the day when God blesses me with them/if he does and I pray He does! Children are a blessing from God. Think of the family picnics, the laughter, and happy smiles
I would rather leave it up to God to plan our family. I would count each of them as a blessing from God. (In the case of ill health on the part of a wife then perhaps a natural option would be considered but God willing that situation will never arise) .
"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it". I think that discipline is very important but it should be done in a controlled and loving way. Discipline and love go hand in hand. The extent of discipline varies from child to child and offence to offence. Some need only a harsh word spoken while others will need more. As much as possible though, all throughout a child's life, consistency must be there. If it was wrong yesterday it is wrong today, tomorrow and next year. There is lots of room for mercy though and so long as everything is explained well first it has the same affect. I see that it is also important to start the child's training at an early age for it is in the first months/years that can set the pattern for life. Naturally boys will need a more severe discipline in most cases than girls nevertheless, girls should know that if the situation arises they can expect their father to correct them. And this done out of love for them even though it is certainly no pleasant task. I was disciplined by my father growing up and I thank him for it. I would have it no other way. I have seen other parents experiment with different training methods but they generally end in disaster. By the same token, discipline done correctly should not need administering very often for it should instil in the young heart a self-discipline. "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it". In this day and age homeschooling is the only safe way. Why raise your children till they are 6 years old or whatever then have them exposed to unruly children and ungodly attitudes and teachings that will corrupt them, most likely, in time. I was homeschooled and want to homeschool my children too.
As for dress standards, I tend to think ladies should be generally dressed in long dresses or skirts. Clothes that are modest, not revealing (nor should they be too plain and 'official' but rather lady-like and dainty) . Neat and petite A lady likes to dress neatly just as much as a man likes to see a lady care about herself enough to dress in a pretty yet modest manner. Not becoming too vain though for all is lost if she become filled with pride and vanity. I know this is easier said than done but if vanity get's too far out of control then it generaly leads to disscontentment.

With regard to TV, movies, literature etc: I think we have to be really careful and selective. a lot of what is on the shelves today are the very things that are breaking down our society. Even if it is just a wrong attitude or inflection. I would rather not wast time watching movies and certainly not TV. That is apart from in the case of an important world event that required me to view it but that would be extremely rare and I would not like subject my family to it. I think that the television has been responsible for the breakdown of morals and society in general more than any other single thing on earth. And truly it has reached unto the very ends of this world. If it is bad for the children then it is also bad for the adults. We can't kid ourselves (no pun intended) . Time with the family is far more important. I like Christian music especially 'scripture in song', Hymns that show appreciation of God's creation as well as a meriod of other songs including some of the old folk songs from old England and Ireland. I do enjoy singing also but that is generally whilst working or on some remote hillside . How wonderful it would be if my future wife would also share this joy. thinking aloud here, sorry
I am a very keen gardener, I enjoy working with animals, and I also enjoy carpentry work and building. I have had a bit to do with gardening and my enthusiasm started at a very young age. Here on the farm/community where I live we grow a large garden that not only supplies a lot of our needs but also provides us with enough to sell on our roadside stall. I also am a very keen fisherman and I greatly enjoy sailing. I like bushwalking, boatbuilding, orchard work, table tennis, discussions around the campfire, picnics, artwork, etc etc. I love life and enjoy doing many many thing As I mentioned, I do carpentry/building work, cropping, and so forth but at lot of the necessary income source comes from orchard work. The goal of the brethren here and myself is to become largely self-sufficient (relying on God not the 'system') here in the future. Another source of income is through the small fruit that we grow such as strawberries and raspberries. . . all of which are sold on our roadside fruit and vegetable stall which we man for about 6 months of the year. On this stall we also sell other local produce. But, all in all, our goal is not to become rich or seek material possessions but rather just to be comfortable and see that no one has lack.
We live on a 200 acre farms that is situated overlooking a big estuary and within easy walking distance of the beach. We think it is necessary to be situated in a place that provides a bit of protection from the worldly influences especially in young minds. We certainly do not shut ourselves from the world though and we also outreach to people who are seeking a better way through websites, newsletters, songs, booklets as well as one on one talking with people and sharing with them the reason for the hope that layeth within us. Sadly, while people have all the comforts of life and all the luxurious houses, and too much entertainment to occupy their minds they think they don't need God. All in all, may God be glorified and may everything go according to His plan. Not my will but His.
I am not too concerned what most people think of me for it is God who I am trying to please, as I said I just want to be a humble servant of God, a quiet leader of my family, a loving husband, a dedicated father, a true friend to the brethren, and an ambassador for God. For me personally I find these characteristics attractive in a young lady: willing submissiveness, loving and romantic, gentle hearted, honest, diligent, able to see the lighter side of life as well as the serious, loyal, God fearing, of a serene but happy countenance, faithful, neat, and supportive. They are all very important but I know that I am fat from perfect and I don't expect my wife ot be perfect. Just a happy, mouldable heart is what I hope to find in the aldy I fall in love with. Love covers a multitude of shortcomings.

To list any characteristics or personality traits that would bother me in a wife I would have to say: stubbornness, independence, argumentativeness, competitiveness, and not having the potential to have motherly instincts. I would appreciate it my wife was very supportive as I do my best to direct and provide for my family. Not questioning every decisions I make but realizing how difficult it is to make the right decision some times and that there are going to be times when I am wrong, and that this does not signal a time for disrespect. It would make me more than happy if she would bear many children for me and nurture them with gentle dedication, staying ever close to my heart through tight times and easy, thick or thin. Whether the weather be hot, or whether the weather be cold, whatever the weather, we'll weather the weather, whether we are young or old . I would like to have a very close relationship where we can share the intimate thoughts of our hearts. The lady I marry can rest assured she will be loved beyond her wildest dreams and cared for better than most ladies in our time. I will not compromise the order of God but to see her content would bring much joy to my heart.
I guess I am somewhat old-fashioned and perhaps I was born in the wrong era, but maybe we could learn a lot from the past and apply the virtuous thing in our lives today. What is wrong with chivalry, men who are not ashamed to be men and women who are real ladies??? In society today one can hardly tell the difference between men and women! The beautiful difference has vanished and in it's place has grown the muddy unisex culture and low morals. I have made a stand against the filth of society, and peer pressure of the ungodly. I have made a stand for righteousness, for high morals, chivalry, purity, courtship, and indeed all that is upright and pure in the sight of God. My goal in life is not great riches or fame, nor do I value success by the number of letters after my name. Being right with God is what matters to me. Finding a wife who shares my passion for following God and who has not been polluted by the surrounding worldliness is no easy task. Especially a young lady who is tender-hearted and submissive. Yet my standards are based on the bible and God would not expect anything less. I feel sure that there is somewhere out there a fine young lady who is also wondering if there are indeed any old-fashioned gentlemen left in the world. Well, God willing, soon we shall meet Hold fast to what you know to be true and I will do the same.
And to anyone else who is also making a stand for righteousness I encourage you be steadfast in your commitment.
Young ladies while you are in waiting for your future husband to arrive on his white horse, keep yourselves focused on being dutiful daughters, improving your homemaking skills, and remain pure for your future husband. Young men happiness doesn't come from trying to please our selves. Be responsible and Godly pillars to uphold the good values in society. Be gentlemen and regardless of the feministic minded women who will mock you for doing so, be prepared to open doors for ladies and treat them with respect. Let's turn the tide, and make the world a better place.
Remember it only takes a minority to make a huge difference in society. And as the true saying goes "Evil only multiplies when good men do nothing" It is up to you and I. So chin up, there is someone else who is standing up for what's right I hope this is of some encouragement and feel free to post your comments or write to me directly. I am greatly looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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