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Girls Gone Mild

By Stan Leffew


So many voices crying out for adherence and so many people confused about values, virtues and life.

What voices are calling out to you and what voices are you listening to?

My daughter is just now enjoying her first year in life. As I listen to the voices calling out to young ladies these days, I can't help but wonder what the popular trend will be when she has to decide which voices she will lend an ear to.

I hope the popular trend of the day is a video craze called, "Girls Gone MILD!" No, that's not a misprint!

I hope "Girls Gone MILD" is popular because it depicts women in the following ways:

  • As more than full-of-brandy eye candy and toys-for-boys
  • As pillars in the community instead of pillows for the community
  • As being more concerned about innocence lost than being "not that innocent"
  • As valuing their bodies and it shows by how they use them instead of showing them using their bodies to be valued
  • As valuing being wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime
  • As adhering to the belief in moral decency instead of the belief that it is indecent to be moral
  • As being applauded more for lifting their skills to the world than lifting their skirts

High hopes, you say!

Yes, maybe high hopes, maybe wishful thinking, or maybe I'm just adding my voice to the mix.


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